Asking Your Dentist About Invisalign

Invisalign clear aligners are custom made to fit the mouth of the individual requesting them. A mold will be taken of the patient’s upper, or bottom teeth to visibly print out what needs to be realigned. Request a visit with a dentist beforehand to suggest the use of Invisalign, or if another route would be more suitable. Over the years, these clear braces have notably boosted the self-esteem of many patients. Invisalign requires less clean up, an easy insertion, and to continue with regular morning habits. This is the less painful procedure conducted within dentistry and most commonly used aligner nowadays.

Easy Cleanup

Since Invisalign clear aligners are a plastic based material, removing and replacing is simple. Therefore, brushing around metal wires can become a problem of the past. This type of brace is most welcomed with teenagers who have a tough time with maintaining a normal morning hygiene routine. Also, teenagers have noted that Invisalign is best for when picture day comes around. A patient will have no problem removing the brace to floss, or brush to keep down plaque buildup and periodontal disease. Invisalign can be worn throughout the night acting as a night guard for anyone who grinds during these hours.

Having Invisalign Means Being Responsible

Even though a patient can remove and replace the Invisalign clear aligner, does not mean this should be done all the time for long periods. The concept of braces is to straighten out any imperfection that may exist along the row of teeth. This goes for teenagers as well as adults, keeping an Invisalign brace in its correct place will help improve the look faster than continuously removing them. If a patient stops wearing the Invisalign brace for some time, another checkup may need to be administered to mold a separate Invisalign brace. To ask more about clear aligners, ask about Invisalign in Yorktown Heights, NY.

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