Questions To Ask When Searching For A Chicago Emergency Dentist

When an emergency hits, it can be hard to calmly and logically consider the next step. For many people facing a dental emergency, the panic can set in a lot faster. It does seem harder to find an emergency dentist who can give you the treatment you need than it is to find medical help for other types of emergencies. These are a few questions to ask when searching for a Chicago emergency dentist, to help you get the dental treatment you or your loved one need as soon as possible.

Question #1: Do You Accept New Patients?

Some clinics only offer emergency services to current patients, while others have no such restrictions. If your dentist does not offer emergency services, this is a question you will need to ask before heading out. You do not have time to waste driving to a clinic that will not be able to treat you.

Question #2: What Type Of Services Do You Provide?

Be sure that the dentist you are on your way to visit can perform the dental work you need. For example, some emergency clinics may not be able to handle root canal-related issues and may refer you to another location. Information about the types of services the clinic offers will help mitigate the risk of arriving and being turned away.

Question #3: What Are Acceptable Payment Methods?

It can be hard to remember an administrative issue like payment methods, but knowing which methods are accepted can save you precious time. Arriving with the wrong payment method or without your insurance card can cause a considerable amount of extra work for you and the clinic, and may even cost you more money in the long run. Asking ahead of time saves you this pain down the road.

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