The Process of Using Invisalign Aligners in Northborough, MA

Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible and made up of thermoplastic material uniquely developed just for this treatment plan. Similar in appearance to teeth-whitening trays, these are given to patients in a series of steadily altered aligners that are custom-fabricated for your mouth. By the time you complete your treatment, the teeth in your mouth should be straight and beautiful, all without the need for painful, bulky, and unsightly metal braces.

How They Work

During the course of your treatment, Invisalign aligners in Northborough, MA will be supplied in a series of slightly altered trays. Each aligner will make a very slight adjustment to the position of your teeth, a process mapped out well in advance by your dentist. When placed on the teeth, these removable aligners cause the teeth to gradually shift position into one that is more aligned and straight. This cycle will repeat every two weeks or so.

Controlled Force

Using the unique thermoplastic design known only to Invisalign, Invisalign aligners will move the teeth in your mouth using controlled force. Facilities such as Assabet Dental Groupin Northborough, MA understand the best way to utilize this treatment for beautiful results, and you should see the aligners work by controlled force and also timed force with a specific strategy in place to ensure optimum results. These movements are determined by your dentist as they map out your unique road to straighter teeth.


The biggest benefit to using these aligners is that they provide the same function as traditional braces without the use of painful metal wires and other components. These aligners will be placed over the teeth rather than wired onto them, and then adjusted as needed over time. The results are relatively fast, beautiful, and professional, allowing you to smile with confidence even with an aligner in place, working to straighten your teeth.

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