A General Dentist In Honolulu Provides Essential Services for Good Health

What exactly are general dentists, and what do they do? This name is used to describe a family dentist. General dentist practitioners must obtain a four-year graduate degree, followed by four additional years of an accredited dental school. Additional training may be sought to become a Cosmetic Dentist.

General dentists perform regular, routine care that is necessary for good oral health. These services include routine check-ups, fillings, cleaning, extractions, and braces fitting. During an oral exam, the dentist will often us x-rays to make a diagnosis, if there are any issues. Cavities may require a filing or root canal, for instance.

General dentists are prepared to take corrective action for cavities. The earlier these are detected, the easier the treatment will be. The dentist uses a drill to remove any decayed parts of the affected tooth. The hole is filled with a mixture that may be made of silver, gold, or a resin composite. If the decay has reached the nerve of the tooth, then a root canal must be performed. A crown will be placed on the tooth to give it stability. A tooth may not always be saved, and will have to be extracted. If several teeth are missing, then the dentist will make an appliance called a bridge, which takes the place of several teeth. It works to support the surrounding teeth. If a patient requires more extensive treatment, the general dentist can make a referral to an oral surgeon.

The advantage of having a regular general dentist is that the professional is familiar with your specific dental history and your needs. If a patient experiences some change, then a dentist who knows him or her will be able to quickly detect this and can prevent things from growing into larger problems later. By receiving frequent oral exams-;once every six months-;a person can help to prevent problems such as gum disease and cavities, both of which can quickly lead to lost teeth if ignored.

When children are young, it is best to get them started on a lifetime routine of dental care. Many general dentists enjoy working with children, and become pediatric dentists. In any case, a General Dentist In Honolulu can offer the benefits of healthy and clean teeth.

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