Brighten Your Smile With The Help of Cosmetic Dentist of Annapolis

Dental procedures associated with enhancing the look of one’s gums or teeth concentrating on the cosmetics or dental esthetics are performed by a cosmetic dentist in Annapolis. These procedures are done by a dentist who is specialized in that field and who has the experience. Any related governing body or the association doesn’t recognize cosmetic dentistry as a specialized dentistry field.

A cosmetic dentist in Annapolis may take off or place dental components like veneers, crowns, connecting to gums or teeth. Some of the modifications made by the dentist are covering the gaps between the teeth, increasing the length of short teeth, teeth straightening without using any braces. But, the most commonly used cosmetic dental services is teeth bleaching or whitening. Earlier, tooth fillings were made of amalgam, mercury, gold and other things, which were completed with porcelain in the end. But now, fillings are made of compound materials or porcelain that almost looks like natural tooth. These fillings are attached to the base with the help of wax adhesives.

Your tooth can be reshaped by taking off enamel parts to enhance the overall look of your tooth by a cosmetic dentist in Annapolis. It may include fixing irregularities, fixing a chip or modifying the shape of teeth. The procedure is also known as contouring, sculpting, stripping or enameloplasty. Reshaping can also be performed by applying dental composite material that looks like enamel to the surface of your tooth and then it is reshaped. In some cases the length of teeth changes because of chewing tobacco or teeth grinding and some people face this problem by birth, a cosmetic dentist can help in fixing this problem by performing the procedure.

Many people choose teeth whitening treatment in order to have a brighter and perfect smile. But, some may not be successful in responding to the procedures of teeth whitening. In such situations, dentist may suggest veneers. Veneers are nothing but a custom made, thin dental porcelain laminates, when they are attached to teeth, they provide natural white look. A cosmetic dentist can also perform the procedure of gum lifting. It is a sensitive procedure that involves tissue reshaping to imitate the look of well-formed teeth.

A cosmetic dentist places dental bridges to fill the areas that are left exposed by missing teeth, bridges are fused between the porcelain crowns. Bridges lower the risk of gum disease, speaking ability will be improved and they also help in correcting the problems of chewing. A good oral care and regular maintenance is essential if you have bridges. A cosmetic dentist plays an important role in these procedures. Having an ideal set of white teeth is now possible with the help of technology and a cosmetic dentist. Click here for more information.

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