Emergency Dentist Pleasantville: Save an Infected Tooth with a Root Canal

A painful toothache is not something that should be ignored. If a tooth becomes suddenly sensitive to hot or cold, it is considered a dental emergency. These are signs that the nerve is inflamed. If left untreated, the tooth may die; however, if dental care is immediately sought, there is a greater change of saving the tooth. Since toothaches never happen at a convenient time, it is often necessary to seek the services of a local emergency dentist Pleasantville.

Healthy teeth do not feel pain. If the tooth is compromised due to decay or trauma, however, the living pulp may become irritated. The pulp houses the nerves of the tooth. These nerves are normally protected by the dentin and enamel, but deep cavities may allow bacteria to invade the pulp. Once inside, the bacteria eventually harms the tooth and intense pain follows. The only way to save an infected tooth is through a root canal procedure. During a root canal, an experienced dentist in Pleasantville will remove the inflamed pulp. The empty roots are then filled with a special material that protects the tooth from further infection. The tooth is sealed with a composite material, and a crown is usually glued on to prevent the tooth from fracturing.

Most root canal procedures are successful if the tooth is treated in a timely manner. Contrary to popular belief, they are not painful. The tooth and surrounding gum are numbed with a local anesthetic. Patients should not feel any discomfort. Depending on the number of roots in a tooth, the procedure may take a few hours. Molars can have up to four roots, while front teeth only have one or two. In the event that a root canal cannot be performed on a diseased tooth, the dentist may recommend an extraction, but every effort will be made to save the tooth first.

If a tooth suddenly becomes very sensitive or painful, it is time to see an Emergency Dentist Pleasantville. Many times, this is the sign of a bacterial tooth infection, and root canal treatment is often needed. Don’t leave a toothache unchecked. Most teeth can be saved with proper dental care.





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