Imagine how hard it is to find a dentist that you can get in to see when you need to, you can easily communicate with, and get the preventative care your mouth needs. Now try to imagine how hard it is to find a family dentist in Grand Island NE that everyone in the family will like to go visit. Combine these tough challenges with the fact that your choices are narrowed due to insurance and you may have an Olympic size battle ahead of you. Try to keep in mind however, that general family dentists like Grand Island Dental Center are all about preventative care for your teeth and not necessarily solving the world’s problems.

The number one job of a Grand Island Dental Center is preventative care. If you need cosmetic dentistry done or work to the teeth and gums that require a specialist, you may be referred on. When you see your general dentist on regularly scheduled 6 month appointments, your time with them is very limited.

Prevention combined with education is what you can expect on your regular appointments. All the family members will be given a thorough cleaning, perhaps look at a few x-rays and then determine if further steps need to be taken. Looking and discussing plaque buildup, the presence of cavities, and possibly fillings can be handled in the family dentist chair.

Sometimes however, if there is additional work to be done, this is when you can continue using your family dentist or you can ask for a referral. Some general dentists do not specialize in more but often fixing the color of fillings, root canals, teeth extractions, dental crowns, teeth whitening, dental bridges, and dentures will be handled for all of your family members in one place.

One way to find a general family dentist that fits into the requirements that you need for oral health care is to look for affiliations with different associations. Some patients look for Crown Council Member contributors while others look for American Dental Association members. There are hundreds of different organizations. Find the one that you, your insurance, and your family are compatible with and find a dentist that can accommodate you. Call Grand Island Dental Center for an appointment.

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