How to Get a Dazzling Smile from your Cosmetic Dentist

Having a brilliant white smile is a big asset. If you are getting married or celebrating some event or special occasion, it may be time to get a makeover from your cosmetic dentist. Your dentist can help you get a brilliant set of even pearly whites. If your natural teeth are damaged or uneven, a professional can help you get a smile makeover that will immediately improve your looks and boost your confidence.

A cosmetic dentist will consider the aesthetics while resolving your common dental problems. Fillings are usually tooth colored and give the look of your natural teeth. If your teeth are damaged and stained, or the teeth are imperfectly shaped and have visible gaps, the cosmetic dentist might suggest you get porcelain veneers. Veneers are realistic and natural in their appearance. They are slightly translucent, resilient and stain-resistant. Consuming red wine, tea, coffee and tobacco does not stain veneers. Custom made crowns, dental bridges and implants are restorative treatments that also improve your looks.

Bonding is a common and easy procedure that your cosmetic dentist may suggest to correct uneven teeth. A durable resin is applied to the tooth surface. The resin is then shaped and polished to give the teeth a more even appearance that enhances your smile.

Among the many treatments available, the cosmetic dentist may recommend teeth whitening or bleaching as an easy and fast way to remove discolorations and restore teeth to a natural whiteness. Teeth get discolored due to many reasons. Common foods and beverages like tea and coffee, red wine, fruit and sodas cause the staining of teeth. Nicotine stains are commonly found in smokers’ teeth. Bleaching and using teeth whitening laser technology is the best way to get the desired whitening. There are a wide range of effective technologies on the market. A qualified dental professional would give you the best advice on convenient and affordable techniques.

Some people suffer from fetal erythroblastosis or dentinogenesis imperfecta, human saliva itself contains agents like chromogenic bacteria that stain teeth. Tetracycline is a component in multiple antibiotic drugs. Prolonged use of tetracycline can severely discolor and stain teeth. Even fluorosis, caused by existence of excessive fluoride in early stages of teeth development, can cause stains and discolorations. Bleaching and whitening are often not effective in such discolorations. Using veneers to cover such stains are often the only solution. For the right solution to your tooth stains consult a cosmetic dentist Fargo ND residents can find professionals in the area that offer effective and lasting solutions to dental problems.

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