Reasons To Visit An Orthodontist In Tampa

When many hear the word orthodontist, one of the first things that comes to mind is braces. An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in orthodontics, or the treatment and correction of misaligned or irregular teeth. Braces are one way an orthodontist in Tampa may help you correct your teeth, and many people initially visit these specialized doctors in hopes that their teeth will become straighter. But did you know that there are several good reasons to have your jaw and teeth looked at? Here are a few things the can indicate visiting an orthodontist may be the right choice for you.

The most obvious reason many people visit an orthodontist in Tampa, as mentioned above, is the emergence of crooked teeth in adolescence. While you may think that correcting teeth that are not straight is purely cosmetic, there are some health advantages to straighter teeth, and for some patients, eliminating crooked teeth can prevent a multitude of other dental problems. For example, occasionally as a teenager is gaining his or her adult teeth, one or two teeth could grow in a horizontal direction instead of vertically down through the gums. In cases like this, the horizontal tooth could threaten the integrity of surrounding teeth by suffocating their roots, resulting in the loss of several teeth.

Others who may benefit from orthodontic care include those who have habits that may affect the jaw bite. Children who suck their thumbs into late childhood or those who grind their teeth while sleeping often fit into this category. Habits like thumb sucking or teeth grinding can cause incorrect bite formation, which could affect the overall functionality of a person’s jaw, leading to problems later in life. Children or adults with these habits could benefit from preventative care prescribed by an orthodontist in Tampa that will help preserve the natural jaw bite.

Crowded teeth is another reason to visit an orthodontist in Tampa. When teeth grow too close together, they may buckle, which is not only aesthetically displeasing but can set the stage for other dental problems. Crowded teeth can be difficult to clean properly with a tooth brush and may be impossible when it comes to flossing. Teeth that are not brushed and flossed correctly and regularly become very vulnerable to plaque buildup and cavities, and may be the catalyst for a gum disease. Orthodontic correction of crowded teeth can help prevent the expensive and chronic problems unhealthy teeth can cause.

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