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There are many reasons to see a dentist. Cleanings every six months will leave your mouth healthy and can mean less problems down the road. Some people need visits in between regular oral checkups due to pain, sensitivity, or cosmetic reasons. Many visits to a dentist in Kamuela are due to accidents that resulted in an oral injury.

It is very common for children to fall while playing and break or chip a tooth. For a parent this can be scary. The tooth and mouth can bleed, and the child may be in pain. It is best to call the dentist and schedule a visit. The dentist will perform x-rays and see if any damage has been done to the root. The goal is to save the tooth. If the tooth is just chipped, and it does not hurt when the child eats or drinks, the dentist may leave the tooth as is. However, if the tooth was broken all the way to the root the child may need some work done. If the tooth is a permanent tooth, a root canal may be done and a crown could be placed on the broken tooth. This will stop the pain associated with the exposed nerve, and have the kid as good as new.

If the permanent tooth has not finished growing in the root, and the end of the tooth is not closed, the dentist may suggest waiting until the tooth is fully developed before he or she performs the root canal. They may put a temporary protective cap on to keep the tooth from hurting, and watch the tooth and gum for signs of infection. They will tell the patient that a bubble on the gum is a sign that they need to return to the dentist for an exam. A follow up visit will be scheduled, usually three to six months down the road. At that time x-rays will be taken and the dentist will look for signs that the root is curling, fully developed, and that the tooth has closed on the end.

When the root finally develops it will be time for the root canal. This will take an hour or two. The crown will be added, and the accident can be put behind you. The best dentist in Kamuela who offers these services can be the same dentist that treats your child at normal checkups.

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