Teeth Cleaning from an Emergency Dentist in Gurnee

Infections, tooth loss, and gum disease can all be prevented with a good oral hygiene regime. Despite this, there may come a time when you will need teeth cleaning from an experienced emergency dentist in Gurnee. Normally, an emergency dentist in Gurnee will advise deep cleaning following a thorough examination and this technique is also referred to as root planing and scaling. Teeth cleaning will focus on the plaque that has accumulated beneath the gum. When bacteria build-up on the roots of the teeth, this will increase the chances of periodontal disease and other problems.

Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Places

Although we are all responsible for the condition of our teeth, sometimes personal self-cleaning just isn’t effective enough to prevent plaque build-up. If bacteria travel beneath the gum line, this will be very hard to target with a normal toothbrush. In this case, an emergency dentist in Gurnee will complete a deep cleaning. For the dentist to determine if you require this form of cleaning, it is recommended to get regular checkups every six months. If the plaque build-up is quite serious, a deep cleaning may need to be completed over a number of visits.

Deep Cleaning for Plaque Build-Up

A deep cleaning may be uncomfortable for some people and this is why an emergency dentist in Gurnee will give the patient a local anesthetic. This will be used directly on the mouth so that the areas being cleaned are numb to any pain. If you have left bacteria to fester for a long time, abscesses may occur and this can be very painful, which is why the local anesthetic is essential. The dentist will expose the teeth that hide beneath the gum line once the anesthetic has been provided and thorough cleaning will take place. If you have neglected your teeth, you may need to visit your dentist four times for a successful result.

Signs You Need Deep Cleaning

Have you noticed your gums separating from your teeth? This is not normal and is in fact one of the main signs that you require deep cleaning. Most people who contact an emergency dentist in Gurnee for this cleaning will do so because they are dealing with an infection called periodontal disease. This disease occurs when food particles get trapped beneath the gum line. These particles cause a sticky residue to form on the teeth and as time progresses; this residue will turn into calculus. Gum inflammation is a side effect of calculus, which is a hardened type of plaque. Deep cleaning is essential to prevent tooth loss and this treatment is very effective.

If you do not contact an emergency dentist in Gurnee, your teeth might become loose and fall out completely. To book a consultation with an emergency doctor who can perform general dental care and cosmetic dentistry, visit Excellence in Dentistry, LTD today.

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