Undergoing a Root Canal Procedure

If you have an infection in a tooth, then you may need a root canal in Chicago. This is a procedure that is designed for saving the original tooth while eliminating any infection. You will need anesthesia for this surgery, and you are going to sleep while the dentist drills through the top of a tooth to remove the infected pulp, nerves and roots. The remaining shell of the tooth isn’t stable, but a dentist can fill it with a special resin that creates a stronger support. Despite filling the tooth’s shell, it will require additional support from a customized dental crown.

How to Recover

In most cases, the dental crown is prepared while you are undergoing the root canal surgery, but a dentist can place a temporary crown during a root canal in Chicago. If you have a temporary crown, then you will return in a few days for additional treatment. Some patients react better to a root canal, and they are able to return to normal activities right away while other patients need time to recover at home. If you feel strange after the surgery, then you may want to have someone else drive you home from the dentist’s office.

Visit Us for a Root Canal

After your root canal in Chicago, you must follow our dentist’s advice, including brushing and flossing gently around the tooth or using an oral irrigator to remove food debris. You may experience some tenderness around the tooth, but you can apply ice packs along with taking store-bought pain relievers. Eat a softer diet for a few days to prevent discomfort, but you should contact our dentist if the pain persists. To learn more about root canal procedures, contact Chicago Dental Arts at our website located at https://www.chicagodentalarts.com/.

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