Importance of Selecting the Right Dentist when You Suffer from Dental Anxiety

When it comes to scheduling a dental exam, most people dread the thought of having their teeth examined. While some people may experience minor dismay at the thought of visiting a dentist. There are individuals that suffer from dental anxiety; the apprehension makes it difficult for them to receive general dental care. While a person can experience dental anxiety at any age, it is often seen with small children who have a fear of visiting a dentist. Routine dental care is important to maintain a healthy mouth and should not be avoided. When it comes to someone that suffers from dental anxiety or become anxious during their visit, it is important to find the right dentist in Palm Beach Gardens. With the right dental team, they can help ease their patient and make them feel comfortable during their visit.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Clinic

  • Does the dentist have experience working with people that suffer from dental anxiety?
  • What steps do they take to help ease their patient’s tension? Some clinics offer minor sedation or headsets for listening to music during the visit.
  • The dental clinic should offer a warm and welcoming environment to help put their patients at ease.
  • When scheduling an appointment make sure to inform the staff of your anxiety and ask how they will help ease your apprehension.
  • If the patient is a small child, you should ask if they mind if the child brings their favorite toy or stuffed animal to hold during their exam.

Select a Supportive Dental Team

When scheduling an appointment with a dentist in Palm Beach Garden, you want to find a team of experts that are focused on your oral care. At Mark L. Civin, D.D.S., they are devoted to providing each patient with the high-quality oral care they deserve and want. They understand that some people become anxious during their visit and strive to provide a warm environment to help put them at ease during their appointment.

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