Why is Invisalign Better than Braces?

If you are considering seeing an orthodontist to improve the smile of you or a loved one, you may be wondering the differences and advantages between Invisalign and braces. Here are a few things to determine if Invisalign in Boystown is a viable option for you.

Not Such a Bold Fashion Statement

If you are looking for more of a low key option of straightening your teeth, the Invisalign system just might be the perfect fit. While there are other options besides just silver when it comes to braces, they are most definitely more obvious option. The Invisalign system is clear and does not have to be worn all of the time.

No Dietary Restrictions

While an abundance of gummy bears, gum, and caramel apples are never good, it won’t be a problem if you choose the Invisalign system. Because the mouth pieces are removable, you can still enjoy all of the foods that are usually off limits to people that have braces. This is definitely a big plus, especially in the foodie culture that has become more and more popular as of late.

Easier to Keep Clean

When you have braces, there are many places that residual food and bacteria can hide. Both residual foods and bacteria are the main catalysts for things such as bad breath and tooth decay. Being able to remove the Invisalign mouth pieces ensures that you can clean both surfaces thoroughly after every meal.

Making the choice between braces and Invisalign can be hard especially considering the fact that both options are not just for the cosmetic aspects of a smile but they may be used as a way to create better functionality when it comes to your teeth and overall dental structure. Make sure that you discuss the options with the dentists at Northalsted Dental Spa.

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