Crown Replacement at Med City Dental

A dental crown is a unique part of dentistry that is used to cover up a broken or damaged tooth. For example, crowns are used on badly chipped teeth or teeth that have decayed severely due to cavities. These devices completely cap or crown the entire tooth, and they are also used with dental implants. In some cases, patients may choose to get a full set of dental crowns or caps. In other cases, patients just need one or two to replace a few teeth. Special cement is used to bond the broken or compromised tooth with the crown. A crown is made to look like a natural, healthy tooth. A crown is often made of porcelain combined with metal. The porcelain part is visible and designed to look like a tooth. Different metals can be used for crowns, but gold is commonly used and recommended by dentists. Gold crowns can last as long as 50 years, and they are built to withstand chewing and eating just like normal teeth.

When dental patients get crowns, they typically expect the crowns to last for quite a long time. Unfortunately, Crown Replacement is sometimes necessary. There are various reasons why a patient may need a crown replaced. In some cases, it is because the original crown was not properly made. Impressions are now used by dentists to create crowns that perfectly match the patients teeth, so getting a crown that fits comfortably is easy. New technology also allows dentists to use laser imaging and other devices to create perfect replicas to replace problem teeth. It has never been easier for a patient to get a crown or cap that fits perfectly.

As mentioned earlier, many dentists such as Med City Dental dentists choose to use gold with their dental crowns. Gold restorations are known as the best restorations, and the staff at Med City Dental strive to provide their patients with top notch care. Gold wears down similarly to regular tooth enamel, so it is meant to last a very long time. Gold will not break down, as it is designed to last a lifetime.


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