The Difference that Modern Dentistry Makes

Dentistry was once a painful and even frightening experience for patients. In previous centuries, anesthetics and pain management were not common or well-understood. Dental procedures – even complicated ones – were performed while patients were awake and very much aware of what was happening. This is probably hat has led to generations of people fearing and avoiding their dentist.

A Whole New World

Modern dentistry is head and shoulders above and beyond what it once was. Most procedures are fast, simple and relatively painless with the use of common, modern techniques. Even root canals, fillings and the like – things that once struck fear into the hearts of dental patients – are quick and easy, without the lasting pain they once caused.

X-Rays, Gases and Lasers, Oh My!

Besides the introduction of gas sedatives and pain relivers with few side effects, one of the major changes to dentistry has been the advent of x-ray and laser technologies. By using x-rays and other monitoring systems, dentists can find problems with teeth that are not visible to even the most trained naked eye. Finding these faults early means early treatment, before they can become so severe that they would cause more pain and damage to the tooth and gum.

Laser dentistry is the use of laser instruments for much of the traditional breaking of tooth and gum surfaces that were once done with metal devices. By using lasers, there is less pain, less bleeding of the gum and far less recovery time for more intensive procedures. Patients walk out of their dentist’s office feeling less pain, bouncing back quicker and with far more confidence in their provider than ever before.

Consumers in the Plano area can find all of their modern dentistry needs in local providers, Shifa Dental. From pediatric care to surgery referrals and elder dental care, there’s nothing your modern dentist can’t handle for you. Book an appointment now, and see how quick, easy and painless today’s dental care can be.

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