4 Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Are you wondering whether mini implants in Jefferson Park are the right choice to replace missing teeth? Some of the most common reasons for missing teeth are trauma and improper oral care. Whatever your reason for losing teeth, it’s important to learn about your options so you can make an informed decision. Here, you’ll learn the benefits of mini dental implants.

They Can Be Used in Small Spaces

When a patient doesn’t have enough bone for conventional implants, a mini implant may be used. They work because they’re smaller in diameter and will fit in spaces where regular implants will not.

They Promote Bone Health

When implants are inserted into a patient’s jawbone, it promotes bone health through increased bone stimulation. Mini implants in Jefferson Park will help you avoid the sunken look that comes with dentures and other tooth replacement options.

They Look Like Real Teeth

Dental implants don’t just act like natural teeth, but they also look that way. Increasingly, dental patients are choosing natural tooth replacement options as a way to feel more confident when they smile.

They Can Be Placed in One Visit

Because of their size, mini implants can be placed in just one office visit. This makes the implantation process much easier and quicker than that for regular dental implants.

Are Mini Dental Implants the Right Option for You?

Now that you’ve learned the advantages of mini implants, do you feel as if they’re right for you? The first thing to do is to schedule an appointment for a consultation. During this time, you’ll be able to ask questions and you’ll find out what to expect. To learn more about mini implants in Jefferson Park, visit us or call the office of Dr. Bozena A. Kryzak, DDS to request a no-obligation initial consultation.

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