4 Reasons You Need a Dental Crown

A decayed or decaying tooth is usually infected and often painful. One of the many ways you could deal with the problem is to go for dental fillings. Once those fillings are in place, your dentist might recommend getting a dental crown in Canon City. Here are other reasons why you might need to get one.

You have a cavity

Once your dentist has closed a huge cavity or fracture in your tooth with a filling, that’s going to leave the filling and tooth vulnerable to cracks. Keep that from happening when you put in a crown over the top of your tooth for added protection, the Medicine Net says.

You have weak tooth

If you’ve got a weak tooth, having a crown added on top of the tooth in question can protect it from biting pressure. If you want to know more, If you want to know more, ask your dentist in Canon City about dental crown options. That way, you’ll know if you’re a candidate for it.

You want to change your tooth

Dentists can also provide you with a partial crown, one designed to cover the front and biting edge of your tooth. These are often used to change the shape or color of your tooth so if you’ve got discolored pearly whites, then this another option to consider—especially if teeth whitening solutions prove to be a lot less effective in getting the stains or discoloration out.

You want a temporary one

If you’re getting a root canal, then putting on a crown to protect the remaining tooth is a must. Temporary crowns are also used when you’re waiting for the final one to be done by the lab.

These are just a few of the reasons why you might need a crown. Find out more information when you talk to your dentist.

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