Advantages of Natural Looking Dentures in Bridgeport CT Anchored by Implant Rods

Natural Looking Dentures in Bridgeport CT may be anchored to the gums with the use of implants. This provides a way for patients to combine the advantages of implants with the affordability of dentures.

Anchoring the Dentures

A small number of rods have placed that fuse with the jawbone. Instead of ceramic crowns on top, an attachment allows the patient to snap dentures into place. Now, the false teeth are not at risk of coming loose, as can happen when the device simply rests on top of the gum tissue. Both partial and full dentures can be provided.

Better Comfort and Stability

Natural Looking Dentures in Bridgeport CT that are anchored with implants are more comfortable because they don’t move. With conventional denture placement, patients sometimes experience gum irritation from the ongoing friction as they chew foods or even just talk. Although adhesives are intended to hold false teeth to the gums, they are not always completely effective. They may stop the dentures from coming loose, but they might not prevent minor shifts.

Maintaining Bone Density in the Jaw

When teeth roots are missing, the jawbone begins to shrink as it loses density. There is no new cell growth when the bone is not stimulated by roots when chewing. Implant rods act like natural teeth roots and allow the bone to rebuild. Only a couple of implants are needed to anchor dentures, but even that small amount of rods in the bone help prevent bone loss.

Restoring the Smile

With this strategy, a patient can have his or her smile restored in with a device that has a normal appearance and closely resembles natural teeth. This option is suitable for nearly all patients who cannot afford a full set of denture implants for the upper or lower teeth or even a partial set. Patients who have already been wearing dentures for a while also may want to ask a dentist with a clinic such as Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry if they can change to implant-supported dentures. They will enjoy better comfort and denture stability. Find more information about this particular clinic at the website.

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