Align Your Teeth into the Correct Position with Orthodontic Treatment

While most people may think that misaligned teeth primarily affect the appearance of a person’s smile. Teeth that do not line up properly does impact more than just their smile. Misaligned or crooked teeth make it difficult to properly clean the teeth when the individual is unable to correctly brush or floss. This leaves the teeth susceptible to cavities forming or periodontal disease. In some cases, the stress from the teeth can make it difficult to chew food which can lead to TMJ disorder and pain in your neck, head, and back. Orthodontic treatment in Columbia MD can help prevent this by correcting the issue and properly aligning the teeth.

Conditions that Benefit from Correcting Teeth Alignment

  • A crowded mouth when there are too many teeth for the dental fold to hold.
  • Large spaces or gaps between your teeth.
  • An overbite is where the top teeth stick out over the bottom teeth.
  • Crossbite is when the upper teeth do not sit in front of the bottom teeth.
  • An open bite that leaves a slot between the teeth.
  • The midline is misplaced so the lower and upper molars do not line up properly.

Solve Your Alignment Problem with a Specialist

If you suffer from a condition that affects the spacing or alignment of your teeth, you should consult the specialists at Preferred Dental to learn more information about orthodontic treatment in Columbia, MD area. Their dental team will perform a full examination on your mouth and complete X-rays to diagnose your problem. Once they determine what oral issues you need corrected, they will discuss the options available to help align your teeth. You do not have to risk the health of your teeth or suffer from problems caused by misalignment when an affordable solution is available.

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