Fix a Chipped Tooth

When you chip a tooth during a basketball game, you need to visit a dentist in Lincoln Square, Il, right away. A chipped tooth is more susceptible to decay because food particles and bacteria can enter the pulp of the tooth. In addition, a deep chip can expose the nerves in the pulp of the tooth, leading to chronic pain. Without an emergency procedure, the chipped tooth can become seriously infected, requiring a root canal or an extraction. Fixing a chipped tooth requires different types of procedures, including a tiny filling that will match the color of the tooth.

Repair a Chipped Tooth with Bonding

Rather than a filling for the chip, your dentist can use a bonding method to repair the tooth. This involves mixing a color-matching substance to apply it to the tooth’s chip, and after the substance dries, the dentist will polish it to create a flat finish that looks natural. With the proper dental care, the bonding restoration will remain in good condition, giving you an attractive smile. Dental bonding is the fasted and least expensive way to have your chipped tooth fixed.

Emergency Dental Repair

However, if you have a larger chip in a tooth, then you may need a customized dental crown. For this procedure, the dentist’s Lincoln Square will order the dental crown from a laboratory while the dentist prepares your tooth for the restoration. To have a dental crown, the dentist must remove the interior portions of the tooth before filling it with a durable resin. The crown fits precisely over the damaged tooth to protect it while creating an attractive smile. To learn more about fixing chips in your teeth, contact us at Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square.

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