How Teeth Cleaning Now Helps You Later

You may not think of teeth cleaning in Lincoln Square as a priority, but it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. That cleaning has a positive impact on your future in more than one way. Consider these three benefits that come your way when you choose to have your teeth cleaned once or twice a year.

You Smile More in Social Situations

Have you ever thought of a teeth cleaning making your social life better? The fact that your teeth are free of plaque and other residue makes it all the easier to relax and enjoy yourself at parties or even when you’re out to dinner with friends. You’re not self-conscious about your teeth or breath, so it’s easier to smile and laugh out loud without wondering what others think about the condition of your teeth or gums.

You Reduce the Risk of Tooth Decay

A thorough teeth cleaning in Lincoln Square gets rid of the residue between teeth and along the gum line that’s often left after brushing and flossing. By removing that residue on a regular basis, you minimize the possibility of tooth decay. You also reduce the risk of damage to the enamel, another benefit that helps you enjoy better dental health for more years.

You Also Lower the Risk of Gum Infections and Diseases

Did you know that a teeth cleaning in Lincoln Square also includes attention to the gums? Removing buildup along the gum line helps to reduce the chances for infections and other gum-related issues to develop. The result is you enjoy better dental health as the years pass.

Has it been several months or longer since your last teeth cleaning? Call the team at Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square today or visit to schedule an appointment. Along with protecting your dental health, you’ll enjoy the fresh sensation that lingers well into the following day.

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