Enjoy Eating Again With Wisdom Teeth Removal in Warren NJ

A toothache is one of the worst pains that people can deal with. Once the shell of the tooth breaks down, it exposes the dentin. Dentin is a softer tissue which doesn’t survive exposure very well. Unfortunately, there is an even worse problem that could affect practically every adult, an impacted wisdom tooth. The wisdom tooth doesn’t usually appear until about the age of twenty, although they can come as early as age seventeen. One of the most common problems with wisdom teeth is when they become impacted. That is, the tooth will attempt to erupt at an angle. Impacted teeth are a common cause of wisdom teeth removal in Warren NJ.

Another problem with wisdom teeth is decay before the tooth erupts through the gum. This usually happens when the tooth is beginning to cut its way out and fails to do so. An impacted wisdom tooth may also begin to decay and require extraction. Eliminating a wisdom tooth is often a difficult procedure. In severe cases, the dentist may need to cut portions of the gum tissue to access the tooth.

It is important to consider infection before any wisdom teeth removal in Warren NJ. An infection around the tooth can cause a lot of pain and make it difficult for the dentist to remove the tooth properly. In certain cases, the dentist may suggest the use of antibiotics to reduce tissue infection. This may be necessary because secondary infections can cause more health issues such as blood poisoning, heart problems and fever. A simple regimen of antibiotics will usually prevent this concern.

Keep in mind that there are typically four wisdom teeth, although some people may have more or less. Failure to treat these teeth properly and quickly could result in cavities in the surrounding teeth. While cavities themselves don’t spread to other teeth, the decay that they cause may affect a tooth that is touching the damaged wisdom tooth. Surprisingly, not all wisdom teeth can be easily extracted. The combination of decay and the position of the tooth may actually require oral surgery for complete removal. To learn more about eliminating wisdom teeth visit website.

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