The Importance of Seeing the Emergency Dentist in Lincoln Square When You are in Pain

Dealing with severe tooth pain is something no one wants to go through. This type of nerve pain can become severe and may not respond well to pain medications. If you are having pain in your tooth, there could be several causes. Many of these causes could be severe. This is why it is important you receive dental treatment as soon as possible. Because it can be so difficult to get an immediate appointment to see the dentist, many dental clinics have begun offering their patients the services of an emergency dentist in Lincoln Square. This allows you to be seen the same day, without having to continue in pain.

What Causes Tooth Pain and How Can It Be Treated?

  • Cavities are clearly one of the biggest causes of tooth pain. Unfortunately, you may not be aware you have a cavity, until it becomes advanced. Cavities typically do not cause pain until they enter the inner portions of the tooth. This is when the nerve becomes affected. When a cavity becomes advanced, it can cause massive damage to your tooth structure and will eventually cause the tooth to die. This is why it is imperative you are seen by the dentist as soon as you can. Your pain will be effectively stopped once the decayed areas of your tooth have been removed and then the tooth is filled.
  • Another common cause of tooth pain is infection. Infections can invade the inner portions of your tooth and cause severe pain. As the infection and pus levels grow in your tooth, they cause aggravation in the nerve. Since an infection can spread to other teeth and the gums, it should not be overlooked. The emergency dentist will treat a tooth infection with aggressive antibiotic therapy. If the infection is severe, a root canal may be required, to save your tooth from needing an extraction.

There are other causes of tooth pain as well, like injuries. If you are dealing with tooth pain, do not try to cover up your symptoms with pain medications. Instead, make sure you to get in to see the dentist, so the pain can be treated effectively. For more information or to schedule your appointment, contact Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square today.

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