Types of General Dentistry Services

Everyone needs to seek the care of a general dentistry in Fairfield, CT professional. These are the individuals who work to make sure a person maintains great oral health. However, there are some people who still aren’t aware of what these dental professionals do. Learn more about general dentistry here.

Preventative Services

Visiting the dentist on a regular basis will help a person, regardless of age, maintain good oral health. This is because the dentist will provide preventative care, which means diseases will be stopped before they are able to take hold in the mouth. During regular exams, a dentist will evaluate the mouth carefully, take dental x-rays and make suggestions of how a person can improve their oral health.

Restorative Services

When an issue with a person’s oral health is discovered, the general dentistry in Fairfield, CT professional will ensure they receive appropriate and timely treatment. One of the most common restorative procedures includes the removal of tooth decay and then the placement of a filing in the affected tooth. However, this isn’t the only type of restorative dentistry provided. Other treatments include help for dental trauma, gum disease and more.

Cosmetic Procedures

There are a number of dentists who also help patients get the beautiful, straight and white smiles desired. Some of the most cosmetic procedures performed include porcelain veneers, tooth whitening, bonding and more.

Everyone, regardless of age or current state of oral health require general dentistry in Fairfield, CT services. This will ensure they can maintain oral health and prevent issues from arising that can cause problems in the future. Keep this in mind for great oral health.

If you need general dentistry services, visit the Gary E. Horblitt, DDS & Associates Revitalizing Smiles website.

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