What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is sometimes called a “tooth cap”.  A crown is a dental implant prosthetic that is used by dentists to correct damaged and unsightly teeth. It consists of a specially designed tooth-shaped covering that is placed over a tooth that is missing, damaged, or unsightly to give the illusion of a healthy normal tooth. The goal of using these prosthetics is keeping the neighboring teeth healthy and in place while giving the patient a nice-looking smile. A crown looks like a normal natural tooth above the gum line and most people can never tell if someone has a crown or not, which makes them a very popular option for cosmetic dental implants. If you are looking for more information on crowns in Chicago, then read on!

Getting a Crown
The area getting a crown must be carefully and thoroughly cleaned- the crown will be placed over a damaged tooth or will fill the hole of a missing tooth. It is important that any bacteria or infection in that space be removed and the areas cleaned so nothing nasty is trapped under the crown. There are some cases where a crown will be good viable option and other instances where it is not. Talking to your dentists about the options available is the best way to determine if a dental crown is the right choice for your dental needs.

Taking Care of a Crown
One of the biggest benefits of a dental crown is that it can be cared for the same way your natural teeth are. You will still need to floss and brush every day to keep the crown clean and prevent staining; this also helps to ensure the neighboring teeth are kept healthy as well. A crown resembles your natural teeth and they need to be cared for in the same way too so they can last you a good long while.

If you are still searching for a dentist who does crowns in Chicago, head over to Chicago Family Dental Care today and set up your consultation appointment to see what they can do for you! Follow us on twitter.

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