Why Choose Porcelain Crowns in Bradenton, FL

If you find yourself needing a crown in Bradenton, FL, then you have some options. There are many reasons you may need a crown. Your tooth could be fractured or broken, you want some cosmetic enhancement, you have decayed teeth or fractured fillings, or your tooth has a root canal or is in need of a large filling. Any of those reasons is a good reason to consider porcelain crowns.

Reasons to Use Porcelain

Crowns are tooth caps that cover the entire tooth surface, which will restore it to its original size and shape. Crowns can strengthen and protect the tooth structure, which is something that fillings and other restorations can’t achieve.

There are many types of crowns available, but porcelain is the most popular. This crown is tooth colored and will resemble your natural teeth. This is important for many people, especially if the problematic tooth is in the front and is highly visible. These crowns are usually the strongest and most durable and can last many years. However, they may still need to be replaced infrequently.

Your smile will stay natural and beautiful because the porcelain crown will match the color, size and shape of your original tooth. However, some people in Bradenton, FL and in other areas prefer other types of restorative crowns. There are some that have “gold” crowns or other colors, which match their style and look well.

The Procedure

Most crown procedures take two appointments. The first appointment usually includes taking impressions of the tooth and surrounding teeth to create the crown. You will also have a temporary crown installed on your tooth for two weeks so that the new crown can be made in the laboratory.

This will include numbing the tooth and removing all decay. The tooth will then be shaped to fit the crown. Once the dentist has performed these procedures, the temporary crown is placed with temporary cement. Your bite will be checked and you will be finished until your next appointment.

The second appointment is usually two to three weeks after the first. The temporary crown is removed first, the tooth is cleaned thoroughly, and the new crown is placed. There will be some testing of the tooth, such as biting down to ensure the bite is correct and the crowned tooth is stable.

To finish off the appointment, you will be given instructions on how to care for porcelain crowns in Bradenton, FL and be reminded to have regular visits to your dentist.

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