Your Guide to Getting Invisalign

Planning on getting Invisalign in Columbia, MD? Here’s what you can expect from the process:


Before you can start straightening your teeth, you will have an initial appointment with your orthodontist. During this visit, they will determine whether Invisalign aligners are the right choice for you, as well as outline your treatment plan for the next few years.

During this appointment, if you are indeed a good candidate for Invisalign, pictures, x-ray images, and physical impressions will be taken. These will all help in the creation of your fully customized Invisalign aligners, since they are created with your individual mouth and goals in mind.

Molding Process

During the molding process, Invisalign uses proprietary technology to create aligners based on the information your orthodontist has gathered. Your aligners are created to gradually improve your smile – and will only work for your individual mouth.

Initial Fitting

At a follow-up appointment, your orthodontist will fit your first aligners and ensure that they work the way they are designed to. They will discuss wear and care with you, as well as make any necessary adjustments. If you have any remaining questions or concerns, now is the time to voice them.

Straightening Your Teeth

Over the next few months or even years, depending on the severity of your case, you will be expected to wear your aligners for 22-23 hours a day. The aligners will be removed only for eating, brushing your teeth, and flossing. Every two weeks, you will change to the next set of aligners.

This process will gradually straighten your teeth. Soreness can be expected during the first day or so of each new set, but over time, this will decrease with consistent and proper use. You may not notice your teeth getting straighter, but you’ll certainly see the difference when the process is finished!

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