Do You Need Oral Surgery in Santa Maria, CA?

If you are having pain in your mouth, you could have some kind of ailment that is best treated by oral surgery. The different types of surgery depend on the source of your pain. Since the enamel of your teeth don’t have nerves, the pain is typically somewhere in the gums. The most common source of intense pain is most likely a root canal problem. Root canal surgery has long been the scary procedure that frightens people the most.

Root Canal Surgery

Your teeth are rooted into your gums through a nerve that runs into your gums. The root provides nutrients for your teeth and helps anchor it. That root travels through a canal in the gums. If that canal becomes inflamed for some reason, you’ll need oral surgery in Santa Maria, CA. In some cases, an early diagnosis can allow a dentist to arrest the infection before it does any real damage to your root.

If you have pain in your mouth, you should schedule an appointment with a professional. There are very few dental problems that resolve themselves. So don’t wait for the pain to get worse or go away. Call as soon as you start feeling pain.

Gum Surgery

In some situations, you might need oral surgery if the problem is actually in your gums. The gums can be infected for many different reasons. One of the most common ways that your gums become infected is through food or drinks getting trapped between the gums and the teeth. That will act as a magnet for bacteria. Over time, the bacteria can cause an infection in the teeth. If you don’t treat the infection quickly, you might need surgery to actually remove some of the infected tissue.

That’s why it’s so important to visit a dentist as soon as you sense something’s not right.

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