Emergency Dentist in Panama City, FL: There When You Need it

Dental emergencies are one of those things that you don’t plan for and don’t even realize that you need until they happen. Whether you or a family member is experiencing a dental complication, dental emergencies can be extremely stressful. It can be difficult to know what is considered a dental emergency and what isn’t.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Knocked Out (Avulsed) Tooth: If a tooth has been knocked completely out of a mouth, it is important to visit an emergency dentist in Panama City, FL immediately. If a tooth exits the mouth, then nerves, blood vessels and tissues can become damaged. If an emergency dentist can secure the tooth back into the gum socket within one hour, there’s a good chance that the mouth’s tissues will regrow to support the tooth. This is also true for dislodged or loose teeth.

Lost Filling or Crown: Typically, a filling or crown becomes loose while a person is eating. If it falls out of the mouth, the affected tooth has a heightened sensitivity to temperature and pressure changes. A crown is usually lost because the tooth it was attached to begins decaying, meaning that the tooth or teeth are changing in shape. In these cases, you’ll want to make an appointment with an emergency dentist as soon as possible. If possible, keep the missing crown in a cool and safe place for the dentist to replace.

Cracked or Broken Teeth: Although teeth are generally strong, they are still susceptible to cracks and fractures. Sometimes these can be fairly painless; however, if the crack happens to extend down to the root, the pain can often be extreme. If your tooth has been fractured or cracked, there is usually no other option but to visit an emergency dentist in Panama City Beach, FL.

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