Should People Only Be Concerned About Tooth Extraction Costs?

People can keep each of their original teeth until death, but this is rare. Tooth extraction is often due to decay, an infection, trauma, etc. However, no matter the reason for an extraction, people must be aware of their Tooth Extraction Cost before undergoing treatment.

Why extraction?

Extracting a tooth is the final solution for dentists when it is no longer possible to save one or more teeth. This can also be the case for wisdom teeth. Of all the dental care available, tooth extractions are one of the most common.

This, however, does not make patients feel any more comfortable. Fear of pain during and after the extraction, fear of having a hole in their mouth where a tooth once stood, fear of anesthesia… all these things must be considered before an extraction. That is why most dentists offer a free consultation to discuss treatment options, Tooth Extraction Cost, post-extraction issues, and so on.

Why do dentists opt for extraction?

Normally, a tooth lasts a lifetime, especially if one performs excellent oral hygiene. But unfortunately, it can happen that a tooth becomes fragile and it becomes impossible for the dentist to save it. Here are the main reasons for tooth removal:

  • A decayed tooth that cannot be saved
  • Cracked or fractured tooth due to an accident or fall
  • A wisdom tooth that hurts
  • During orthodontic treatment
  • A tooth with a significant deformity (often due to a gum disease)
  • A primary tooth that does not fall out and leaves no room for permanent teeth

Explaining dental extractions

Before an extraction, the dentist will get some x-rays to determine the length, shape, and position of the tooth and bone. There are two ways to get an extraction: Simple office extraction and surgical extraction in a hospital or clinic.

The most common method is simple extraction. Rest assured, the dentist will put the entire area to sleep by giving you a local anesthetic. To summarize the following, the dentist will extract the tooth with dental forceps.

He or she may need to “polish” the bone. Some stitches may also be necessary. If you need to have several teeth pulled out, the dentist will most likely opt for surgical removal. Contact Lewis Family Dentistry for more information. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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