The Importance of Oral Health Care in Mountain Top, PA

Did you know that recent scientific studies have found that some bacteria from the mouth can actually travel to other parts of the body and cause health problems? In fact, some of the most common bacteria that form on teeth can enter the bloodstream and travel to other organs such as the heart and cause long-term health issues. This is one reason why good oral health care is so important.

You Are What You Eat

It is often said that we are what we eat. We certainly understand this in relation to obesity but the truth is that what we eat also has a big impact on our oral health too. Sugary foods actually feed the bacterial colonies that form on our teeth and this, combined with poor brushing and oral health care, is a recipe for disaster. When the bacterial plaques on our teeth get out of control, here’s what can happen:

Toothache: Most of us have endured the pain of toothache on occasion. In fact, many people ignore it to their ongoing detriment. Toothache itself is merely a symptom of a bigger dental health issue and could indicate an infected tooth, an abscess under the tooth, a wisdom tooth pushing through, sensitive teeth, or even a cracked tooth. Whatever the real cause, toothache should never be ignored.

Weakened Teeth: The bacterial colonies that form on teeth release an acidic byproduct that erodes the enamel on teeth. Over time, this weakens the teeth and causes cavities to form. It may even lead to teeth rotting, dying, and falling out. This is yet another reason why good oral health care in Mountain Top, PA is so important.

Ensure Regular Dental Visits

The simple fact is that your oral health is a vital part of your overall health and well-being. Taking care of your teeth through regular visits to your local dental clinic is vital. Visit us for more details and information.

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