What To Expect When Visiting A Dentist That Performs Zoom 2 Professional Whitening System Services

One of the biggest causes of low self-esteem is a less than perfect smile, as it is one of the first things most people notice upon meeting. Teeth that are stained and dingy can cause a person to dread smiling and cause them to avoid social situations entirely. Rather than struggling with teeth that are brown, more people are choosing to locate a dentist that provides Zoom 2 Professional Whitening System Services, as they can provide a person with a perfect smile in as little as one hour. Here is a quick look at what the process entails.

Teeth Cleaning

The first step is to clean the teeth to remove any loose surface debris that can limit the results that a person receives from the whitening procedure. The technician will use a tooth brush to gently scrub the surface of the teeth, which will ensure that there is ample surface area for the whitening liquid to adhere to. Be sure to floss as well, so anything caught between the teeth can be removed before the process.

Whitening Procedure

Once the teeth are clean, the technician will apply a whitening gel to the teeth using a brush. They will then inspect the teeth and ensure that the entire surface area is coated with the gel. The technician will then place an ultraviolet light in the mouth, which will activate the gel and begin the process of whitening the teeth. It can take up to 45 minutes before optimum results are achieved.

At-Home Care

While the biggest portion of the work is done at the office of a dentist that provides Zoom 2 Professional Whitening System Services, there will be minimal at-home follow-up care. Most dentists recommend the use of a low dose gel to preserve the final result, which is applied using oral trays. Proper brushing and flossing will also help, as it will remove anything that can cause a stain before it has a chance to absorb into the surface of the tooth.

Fortunately, a dentist can use a whitening procedure to give anyone a white smile that they can be proud of. To learn more about the process be sure to contact Carrier Dentistry, or visit Carrierdentistrytx.com. One call can be the first step to a beautiful smile.

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