3 Benefits of Using a Dental Bridge to Improve Your Smile

Dental bridges are some of the appliances used by dentists for oral health treatments. Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth, and the bridge may be recommended for a single missing tooth or a series of missing teeth. The bridge is comprised of two crowns on both sides of the replacement tooth. Dental bridges for Ocala, FL, patients may be recommended when implants and dentures are not viable options.

Protect Teeth and Gums

Having a missing tooth leaves your gums exposed and vulnerable to bacteria. The bacteria penetrates the gums and breaks down bone. Over time, bone may be lost around neighboring teeth which may lead to additional tooth loss.

Improve Your Bite

Having a missing tooth makes chewing your food and talking difficult. Replacing a missing tooth with a dental bridge from an Ocala, FL, dentist gives you a full set of teeth and improves your bite.

Maintain Facial Contour

Your teeth not only help with chewing food, but also give structure to your face. Having one or more missing teeth allows the skin to sink inward, and this can cause imbalance in your facial features. By replacing the missing tooth with a dental bridge, you can preserve the natural contours of your face.

Choosing a Dentist for Your Dental Bridges

Dr. Yvette Gava and her team specialize in restorative dental procedures, such as dental bridges for Ocala, FL, residents. Call us today or visit our website at Yvette Gaya Dentistry to learn more about dental bridges and our other oral health services.

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