4 Types Of Dental Bridges In Salisbury NC

It is quite common for adults in the U.S. to have missing teeth. For many people, certain teeth never form in the mouth, while others lose teeth due to decay. Whatever the reason, there are several options for replacing missing teeth. Depending on the condition of the surrounding teeth and gums, a dentist may recommend a dental bridge. The following are four types of Dental Bridges in Salisbury NC.

The Traditional Bridge

The traditional bridge is still the most commonly used bridge, and it’s composed of artificial teeth that are anchored to adjacent teeth with crowns. Thus, it’s necessary to have natural teeth on both sides of a gap. To attach the bridges, the dentist removes a portion of each tooth that will receive a crown. Then he or she makes impressions of the teeth so that the bridge can be made as an exact match. Once the bridge is ready, the crowns are cemented to the prepared teeth.

The Implant-Supported Bridge

This solution is most often used when patients are missing multiple teeth. Instead of replacing each tooth with an implant, the dentist makes a bridge with an implant at each end. Implants are very secure and long-lasting, but they are more expensive than a traditional bridge, so this solution gives patients the best of both worlds.

The Cantilever Bridge

When a tooth is missing in the back of the mouth with no tooth on the other side of the gap, a traditional bridge can’t be used. The alternative in this case is a cantilever bridge. A cantilever bridge attaches to teeth only on one side of a gap, but they usually involve two teeth in order to give the bridge more stability.

The Maryland Bridge

The Maryland bridge is an artificial tooth set into a framework that is bonded to the backs of the teeth on either side of the gap. The benefit of this type of bridge is that it preserves the natural teeth. However, it is not as stable a structure as a traditional bridge and is not considered ideal for teeth that exert a lot of biting force. To learn more about Dental Bridges in Salisbury, NC, visit Robertogdendds.com.

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