5 Signs You Need Veneers in Elk Grove Village

Want to know how cosmetic veneers can help you? Read on for a bit of information about veneers culled from WebMD.


Also called dental veneers, these are shells of tooth-colored material, custom-made and used to cover the front surface of your teeth. The shells are bonded to the front of the teeth. This allows dentists a way of changing the color and shape of a patient’s teeth. Size and length can also be corrected to ensure optimum appearance.

Resin or Porcelain

These are usually made out of resin composite materials. Between porcelain and resin veneers, though, porcelain ones are able to fight against stains better. Given its surface, it also works better at reflecting the light, ensuring brighter, whiter teeth.

Uses of Veneers

If you suffer from the following, then going for dental veneers in Elk Grove Village is an ideal solution for you:

1. Discoloration in teeth. Whether caused by excessive smoking or coffee intake, adding on veneers improves the appearance of stained, darker teeth a lot. Also, cola, tea, and red wine—along with all the other dark-colored liquids out there—have the same effect on your teeth as coffee so you might want to cut back on these drinks. Otherwise, having veneers won’t keep the stains away, not indefinitely.

2. Worn down teeth. No matter how good your oral hygiene practices are, age can still wear down your teeth. With dental veneers though, you can restore the appearance of your teeth easily enough.

3. Chipped or broken teeth. Have a chipped tooth? Tired of everyone else looking at you because of it? A veneer comes in handy here as it helps restore your tooth to its original perfection.

4. Misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth. Have teeth that aren’t exactly the same size? Veneers can pack on some extra padding to ensure a tooth looks the same as the other, or share the approximately same size. That makes for a satisfyingly uniform appearance.

5. Gaps between teeth. While some find it charming in a child, having gaps between your two front teeth doesn’t have the same effect on adults. Plus, it’s often a constant struggle to keep food from being lodged into the gaps. Large gaps, on the other hand, appear unseemly. With veneers, you can close those gaps and enjoy a set of perfectly aligned teeth.

There you have it—five signs you need to consider getting a dental veneer. For information on dentists specializing in cosmetic veneers in the Elk Grove Village area, contact Brian Homann, DDS.

They offer dental services in the Elk Grove Village area that include cosmetic veneers. At Brian Homann, DDS, you can enjoy better-looking teeth!

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