Are Dental Implants in Lawrence KS the Right Choice?

There is no doubt that the last of the real teeth have to go. What remains to be decided is what will go in their place. After a careful examination, the dental professional confirms that the patient is a candidate for dental implants in Lawrence KS. Here are a few of the reasons why this approach is the right one.

Maintaining the Shape of the Jaw

One of the clear advantages of Dental Implants in Lawrence KS is that they will help to reduce the shrinking and shifting that can occur with the jaw line once the real teeth are no longer present. This is because the implants are designed to sink directly into the spaces that were once occupied by the roots of the teeth. The stability added by this approach will ensure that the contours of the jaws will remain the same for many years.

A Beautiful Set of Teeth

Implants are topped with customized caps that look just like real teeth. The amount of detail that goes into the creation of the caps ensure they are the right size and shape for the patient. As a result, the patient ends up with what appears to be a beautiful and healthy set of natural teeth. No one will realize they are implants unless the patient decides to share that information.

Maintenance is Easy

When it comes to taking care of the implants, very little has to change about the daily routine. Patients will still brush their teeth and can still use mouthwash. The dentist may recommend eliminating the use of floss or at least recommend that the patient learn how to do so without allowing the material to rub against the gum.

In terms of trips to the dentist, an annual exam to check the condition of the implants is still in order. Going in for a cleaning once or twice each year is also recommended.

For those who would like to learn more about dental implants, check out website domain today. After looking over the information provided, sit down with a dentist and go over the specifics. There is a good chance that implants will be the right option

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