Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants in Markham On?

Are you wondering if dental implants in Markham On area are an option for you? Dental implants have grown in popularity as a restoration option over the last decade. The technology has improved, the materials have improved, and more dentists and labs have the skill set that is necessary to place more implants then ever. Implants are a great option for most people.

How Do You Know If It is Right for You?

Typically, when you visit the dentist for implants, there will be several tests that are done to determine if you are an ideal candidate:

  • Xrays
  • Bone measurement
  • Health questions

Specialty Xrays will be taken to gauge the thickness of the bone to ensure that you have enough bone in the implant to support the implant. Bone density will be measured as well as the height of the bone. If the area is not dense enough to support the implant there are treatments that can improve the bone density so that you can have implants placed.

Health Questions

If you can withstand to have a tooth pulled than you are in good enough health to have implants placed, that is usually the guideline. You do want to be frank with your dentists or the lab about any conditions that may cause complications like diabetes, blood disorders or any other health condition. It is best if the provider knows about health conditions so that necessary precautions can be taken.

Learn More

If you have missing teeth, implants are a great option. Learning more about the process and what to expect will help you to decide if this option is right for you. DLA (Dental Lab Associates) is always happy to answer questions about any of the procedure support they offer.

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