Dealing With A Toothache In Highland Park

No one wants to wake up and feel the rhythmic deep throb of a toothache. The pain can feel all-encompassing and for most people, at that time nothing else matters except stopping the pain. When experiencing dental pain such as this, it’s important to visit the dentist’s office as quickly as possible. This is an important reason why it’s vital to become established with a dentist in the area. As an existing patient, the office is likely to be able to work you into the schedule right away, especially if you are in severe pain. As a new patient, many dentists will only be able to examine your tooth if and when there is an available appointment, which, unfortunately, could take a couple days.

If your Toothache in Highland Park begins over the weekend, or when the dentist’s office is closed, sometimes an over the counter analgesic will help to ease the pain until the office opens again. Occasionally, those suffering from a toothache feel relief with a warm compress or heating pad placed on the jaw, in the area of the painful tooth. If the pain is too intense to wait until the dentist’s office reopens, there may be an infection in the tooth or gum. Most dental offices have emergency telephone numbers for a situation such as this. For an existing patient, the dentist may call in a prescription antibiotic to help in getting rid of the infection, prior to the dental visit. If the root of the pain is coming from an infected tooth, the pain may be relieved when the antibiotic starts to do its job.

When suffering from a Toothache in Highland Park, the dentist prefers to restore the painful tooth instead of extract it, if possible. If the tooth is decayed and can be repaired with either a filling or root canal, the dentist will suggest that option. Extraction is usually the last resort unless requested by the patient as a cost saving measure and the tooth is far back in the mouth.

Toothache pain can be wearing, especially if it goes on for days. Don’t suffer unnecessarily. Become established with a local dentist and visit at the first sign of tooth pain. This gives the best chance for saving the tooth and helps to avoid suffering with a long lasting toothache while waiting to see the dentist.

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