Dental Bridges In Branford CT Can Help To Complete Your Smile

Damage to the teeth causes low self-esteem and confidence that doesn’t have to affect an individual’s life because Dental Bridges in Branford CT can help to correct these problems. Replacing the damaged teeth with a bridge will stop the remaining teeth from shifting, provide better facial structural support, and improve an individual’s self-esteem. A dentist can use crown and bridgework that will look completely natural, quick and painless. A bridge can be fitted to replace one or several teeth in an individual’s mouth.

Process Of Receiving A Crown And Bridge

The first step of Dental Bridges in Sutherlin Oregon is a thorough examination of the teeth, gums, and jaw to determine if a bridge is a right option for a patient. When a patient visits the dentist, impressions of their teeth will be obtained so the new bridge will have the perfect fit. Before the final bridge is complete, the dentist will give the patient a temporary one to protect the patient’s teeth and gums.

Patients Who Are Nervous About Dental Procedures

Patients can suffer from extreme anxiety over a dental appointment. Today’s dentists are compassionate and caring about this area and will provide sedation dentistry that allows an individual to stay conscious during their entire visit. It’s very important to always discuss any anxiety or worry with a dentist so the individual can remain calm and at ease during their visit.

Options Besides Dental Bridges

State-of-the-art technology today allows a dentist to repair a tooth shaped incorrectly because of genetics or damage without an invasive procedure. A dentist can also perform a dental implant that is a permanent solution to missing teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants will look identical to the other teeth and will closely mimic the functions a natural tooth performs. It does not have to be removed to be cleaned and are permanently anchored in the jawbone. They will reduce the chance of teeth shifting and preserve the bone density.

If you’re interested in receiving quality dental care that includes restorative, family, cosmetic, and so much more, please feel free to visit us  to find out how.

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