Dental Implant in North Ryde: Benefits

Losing a tooth means there’s a gap in your smile where one wasn’t before. While most people focus primarily on looks, a lost tooth can also cause other complications. For one, you may find it more difficult to chew your food and may need to change your diet to accommodate fewer teeth in your mouth. Bone loss is also a common issue. Over time, the bone in the jaw deteriorates because there is nothing there to stimulate it, such as a tooth. It can alter your entire facial profile. Therefore, if you’ve lost a tooth, a dental implant in North Ryde may be beneficial to you.

A dental implant in North Ryde protects the smile and keeps it looking its best. Most people are unaware that the moment you lose a tooth, the jawbone starts shrinking because the tooth root no longer stimulates the area for growth. The lost tooth can also cause slight shrinkage in the face, giving you a slightly sunken appearance. However, with time and progressive bone loss, you have a severely sunken appearance, and your chin may push back into the face, as well. Implants are beneficial because it replaces the missing tooth, maintains your bone mass, and helps you keep your youthful appearance for longer.

North Ryde Macquarie Park Dentists offers a variety of services to help you look your best. While they provide routine cleanings and check-ups, they can also provide a variety of cosmetic procedures. The implantation process actually uses many procedures. For one, they have to implant the screw into the jawbone to act as the tooth root. Then, they cover it with a crown that looks like the rest of your teeth. A dental implant in North Ryde is a permanent way to fix a missing tooth.

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