Dentist In Wyong: What’s A Cavity

Are you one of those people who never seem to have dental problems? Most people think that if their teeth don’t hurt, they don’t need to see their dentist in Wyong. It can be easy to put off those appointments twice a year when you feel fine, but the problem is that you may not experience any problems until it is too late. Some people with deep cavities never even experience pain or may have one day of pain that goes away. It doesn’t mean the bacteria aren’t still thriving and eating away the enamel; it just means that you don’t notice it.

A dentist in Wyong checks your teeth every time you go. They perform X-rays (usually once a year or every other year) to see what’s happening in the bones. These X-rays help them find anomalies that their eyes can’t find. Therefore, they can find a tiny hole before it turns into a severe cavity. It’s much easier for them to fill a small hole than it is to fix a large one. Plus, when the cavity gets too large, it can damage the nerves. If that happens, the only option is to remove the tooth and its root, filling the space with appropriate material and putting a crown on top.

Coastal Dental focuses on providing excellent care to everyone, regardless of age. Your entire family can visit them (even on the same day) to get a check-up and get their teeth cleaned. If anything untoward is noticed, your dentist in Wyong tells you what’s going on and keeps you informed throughout the diagnosis and treatment. They come up with a treatment plan that is most suitable. If your budget doesn’t allow it, they have financing options to help you get the care you need now and pay for it later.

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