Family Dental Care in Edmonton Explains What to Expect at Check-Ups

So, you’ve arranged your dental examination with family dental care in Edmonton. Good work! Maintaining your health requires routine dental exams. You might want a reminder of what to anticipate during your dental check-up if you haven’t had one before, it’s been a while, or you’ve recently moved to a new location. We have put together this fast resource to help you get ready for your upcoming dental visit.


A member of the Yellowbird Dental staff will greet you and ensure the office has everything they need to ensure a good visit. This includes gathering data about your insurance, health, and contact information.


You will probably have x-rays taken if you are a new patient or it has been a while since your last visit to a family dental clinic. This enables the hygienist and dentist to observe details about the state of your teeth and jaw, particularly below the gum line, that they otherwise would not be able to. It is a crucial component of the dental examination and can help diagnose diseases and abnormalities early.


Your mouth will be thoroughly examined to ascertain its condition. A review of your x-rays, a physical examination of your teeth and gums, and a physical examination of your neck, jaw, and tongue are likely to be included when seeking family dental care in Edmonton.

To achieve optimal oral health, the dental staff will inform you and make treatment recommendations. They could suggest certain dental treatments, home care regimens, or other things.

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