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When you need a new dentist, finding the right one can be a challenge. With the best dentist in Lakeview taking care of your oral health, you can feel like you have made the right decision. Dental care is critical to your overall health. Heart disease, diabetes and poor nutrition are all linked to gum disease and tooth decay. By caring for your teeth, you may enjoy an overall improvement in your health.

Our dentist offers preventive, emergency, restorative and cosmetic dental care. Preventive care is essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Most patients should come in twice per year for cleanings and oral health evaluations. If you have gum disease or another condition that might affect your teeth and gums, we may recommend that you come in more frequently for cleanings and exams.

We understand that dental emergencies can happen at any time. If you chipped a tooth or woke up with a severe toothache or swelling in your mouth, we have same day appointments available. Our dentists also handle emergencies such as a crown that fell off or a filling that came loose.

If you have tooth decay, we offer composite resin fillings that blend in with the structure of your tooth. For a large area of decay or when an old filling needs to be replaced, we may suggest a crown. We place metal and porcelain over metal crowns to restore the structure of your tooth. To enhance the look of your smile, we offer cosmetic services such as teeth whitening and porcelain dental veneers.

Your search for the best dentist in Lakeview can end with us at Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park. You may also visit us online to learn more about our staff and dental care services.

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