Hassle Free Teeth Straightening in West Allis with Invisalign

Healthy teeth is an integral part of good health. Regular exams and treating oral problems when they start is a sure way to own a healthy smile for life. Even when the health of teeth is fine, some may not be satisfied with the appearance of them. Crooked teeth can be troubling to self confidence and make a person reluctant to show their teeth when smiling. Teeth straightening in West Allis using Invisalign addresses this problem in a subtle way. These appliances are clear aligners that can barely be seen. There are several advantages Invisalign has over metal braces. It straightens teeth in a more hygienic way because they are removable to be free from the mouth while eating. They can be cleaned more thoroughly outside of the mouth. Teeth straightening in West Allis with Invisalign is a multi-step process using a set of customized aligners. Each aligner is used for a period of time to gradually shift the teeth into the desired position.

There’s a quicker way to get straighter teeth for those who would rather not wait. Lumineers is an overlay for the teeth that aligns them all the way across with a completely natural look. It only takes two to three treatments to gain a pearly white and perfectly straight smile. The dentist takes an impression of the teeth so they can be sent to a lab to make a lumineer casing that fits like a glove. Patients love to hear that they don’t require heavy drilling or anesthetics. The dentist makes sure lumineers fit well before being bonded to the teeth. A thin layer of enamel is removed and the Lumineers are placed over the teeth in sections. This cosmetic enhancement is for dental patients who are looking for a quick but high quality aesthetic improvement.

Accommodations can be made for patients who experience anxiety in the chair. Sedation dentistry relaxes the nerves and helps patients stay calm and carefree while still being able to respond to simple commands. There’s the option to take the drug intravenously or in pill form. Sedation dentistry works by cancelling out sounds, sights and scents that stimulate the senses that cause anxiety. The mind is relaxed and the triggers that make a person uneasy during dental procedures is turned off. Visit to learn more at Griffin Orthodontics.

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