Here’s What Woodland Hills Parents Should Do If Their Kid Has Weak Enamel

Your pediatric dentist Woodland Hills residents trust, is always on the lookout for signs of weak enamel in their patients. The condition, which is called mottled enamel, can come about through a number of conditions.

  • Too much fluoridation in the water
  • Children consuming fluoride toothpaste or rinse
  • Developmental conditions
  • The diet of a mother during pregnancy
  • History of seizures and fevers

How A Child Can Get Mottled Enamel

Both baby teeth and the permanent teeth of a child can come with malformed enamel. A certain type of cell called ameloblasts form tooth enamel. When ameloblasts don’t fully develop, enamel can’t grow as it should. As a result, the teeth get weakened over time.

Your pediatric dentist Woodland Hills residents rely on, doesn’t have just mottled enamel to worry about in their work. Some children might also have enamel hypoplasia. This is a disorder in which a child’s enamel can come in as thin and deficient. In some isolated cases, the enamel can be completely missing. This can expose the sensitive inner surface of the teeth.

There’s one more condition that pediatric dentists deal with in their work. The defect is known as enamel hypo mineralization. It’s when easily damaged enamel starts to form on a child’s teeth. This condition can actually take place when the child gets excessively exposed to fluoride. Too much exposure to fluoride is called fluorosis. Too much fluoride can cause both discoloration and improper growth on the teeth of the child. This condition can affect children up to six years of age.

Treatment Solutions for Weakened Teeth

If it wasn’t for enamel, teeth can become susceptible to decay and trauma. Tooth enamel cannot be replaced once it’s gone. But a dentist can repair or strengthen it. Some of the solutions that your pediatric dentist could suggest is to fix weak teeth include some of the following treatments:

  • Bonding
  • Crowns
  • Sealants

If you think that your child might have weak enamel, contact the dentists and staff members at Business Name. The dentists will sit with you and your child and patiently go over all your options.

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