How Can the Cosmetic Dentist in Renton Beautify Your Smile?

Improving your smile does not have to be as difficult as you might imagine. Today, there are many different ways the Cosmetic Dentist in Renton can improve your smile. Whether you are suffering with staining, missing teeth, malformations or a host of other cosmetic dental issues, the dentist has treatments available to help. This will allow you to improve your smile, giving you greater confidence and better functioning. Through a consultation appointment with the cosmetic dentist, you can learn which of these treatments and procedures will best benefit your smile.

What Procedures and Treatments Does the Cosmetic Dentist in Renton Offer?

*   Dental implants are put in through a safe surgical procedure. These implants permanently replace any missing teeth in your mouth, giving you a more attractive appearance and the better ability to chew food. This procedure is carried out in a two-step process and offers artificial teeth that look and perform like they are truly your own.

*   Teeth whitening is a treatment option available through your dentist to take care of staining, yellowing and discolorations in your teeth. When seeking whitening treatments, it is always best to find out what your dentist recommends. You should avoid at-home whitening kits, as these are often ineffective and can actually damage the enamel of your teeth.

*   Veneers are available in both porcelain and resin, resin being the less expensive of the two. These veneers are able to cover damages, stains, malformations and gaps in your teeth. Veneers are quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. What began in Hollywood is now available to people everywhere.

*   Crowns are available to cover your damaged teeth and prevent tooth loss. They not only improve the appearance of your tooth, but also improve its strength and stability. Most people choose crowns created from porcelain, because they look most natural.

To learn more about the procedures available through the Cosmetic Dentist at Dentistry in Renton, give them a call. Dentistry Renton can provide you with the beautiful smile nature did not give you. They will be glad to give you more information on how these procedures can benefit your smile.

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