How to Find the Best Orthodontics Near Fort Worth for Young Patients

Remember when teenagers were the only ones wearing braces? Well, that was a long time ago and things have changed a lot over the last decade. Today, it’s recommended that children as young as seven visit an orthodontist for early intervention treatment. Keep reading to learn how to find the best orthodontics near Fort Worth for young patients.

Ask Other Parents

Parents seeking orthodontic care for their children for the first time rely on other parents for referrals. Reach out to parents who have children the same age as one’s child to find out who they use for orthodontic treatment. Often, this is the best way to find the best offices.

Visit the Office

Kid-friendly orthodontic offices aren’t closed off. Instead, they’re wide open and spacious. They include televisions, gaming stations, and more for kids to relax and enjoy their visits.

Visiting the office before settling on an orthodontist helps parents get a feel for the setting and gives them a chance to speak with the staff and the orthodontist. Before any orthodontic treatment begins, parents should be offered a free consultation and give in-depth information about treatment and various milestones. While one’s seven-year-old child might not need braces yet, it’s important to know what lies ahead.


One of the most important pieces of information a parent needs to know is whether the office has hours that work with their schedule. The best orthodontics near Fort Worth offer before and after school appointments, evening hours, and weekend appointments. Learn more at Rio Dental & Orthodontics online today.

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