How to Tell if You Really Need a Root Canal or Something Else

Dental care is a tricky field, and sometimes you might wonder if what your dentist recommends is necessary. For example, your dentist might advise you to have him or her perform a root canal. These are three ways you can tell whether you should agree with your root canal dentist in Lakeview:

You’ve Already Had Fillings

Usually, a root canal dentist in Lakeview will not suggest the procedure unless there are no other options. You most likely need a root canal if you’ve already had the tooth filled and you have additional decay in the tooth.

The Pain Is Extreme

Extreme pain is often a sign of the need for a root canal. During the root canal procedure, your dentist will remove the pulp and replace it with a synthetic material. He or she will then place a crown on your tooth to strengthen it so that you can eat without it breaking. The procedure is a little costly, but it should be manageable with a good insurance policy.

You Don’t Want to Extract the Tooth

Finally, you may need a root canal if you don’t want to extract the tooth for cosmetic reasons. A root canal is the only way for you to save most of the tooth and keep the smile you want to keep. You should act quickly if your dentist suggests that you have a root canal procedure.

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