Importance of General Dentistry in Panama City FL

General dentistry is practiced by the type of dentist you visit for cleanings, cavity corrections, and other relatively simple procedures which can be completed in an hour or less during your visit to the office. Consider these the family doctors of the dental world, otherwise known as a professional who studied a variety of general dental procedures rather than focusing on a single specialty. These experts are capable of extracting your teeth, performing root canals, and generally taking care of nearly any periodontal issue faced during your young and adult life over time.

Addressing Cavities

General dentistry is available when you contact an affordable dentist in your area for cavity removal and repair, which is one of the most common and simple of procedures you will ever experience. Dental offices such as Lincoln Road Dental Clinic in Panama City FL allow you to quickly and effectively address this type of progressive damage to your teeth long before you need the tooth removed, or worse, require a root canal. The procedure is also minimally uncomfortable, with the most distressing part of the process often the need to answer questions with instruments and water in your mouth.

Repairing Damage

General dentistry is also the solution if you receive a chip or crack to one or more of your teeth, such as you might experience after a particularly hard strike to the face during a game of soccer. No matter the circumstances surrounding the damage, your general dentist will easily correct the damage in such a way that is not only impossible to see without knowing it is there, but also one that will last for decades without losing strength. This will allow you to keep your smile bright and full as you confidently show it off to the people around you, such as a group of coworkers during an important presentation.

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